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"I would like to first start out by saying how very grateful I am for the patience and kindness Miss Crystal has shown me. Not only did I receive one on one time to ensure accuracy as well as proficiency, I didn’t feel pressured or inadequate. Miss Crystal constantly encouraged us and never once made any of us feel singled out. The course was very informative and engaging. It is one thing to attend a course, but to attend a course by someone who you feel truly wishes the best for you is the most heartfelt experience that I hope future lash artists get to experience as well! It was so much fun, I regret not taking this course sooner. I would recommend her course to any and everyone who is looking to absolutely slay and master the artistry of creating the most magnificent sets. Thank you again Crystal for all that you have taught me!"

Destin, Florida


"I drove all the way from Texas to Colorado Springs just for Crystal's lash course, best decision ever. Not only was it a lot of fun but I loved how passionate she was about lashes. I have a running joke with her and my husband "when I grow up I want to be just like her" haha. I 1000% recommended Crystal and I look forward to taking another class and learning everything I can from her in this industry. She's also very humble and kind.


The Woodlands, Texas

"I took Crystal's lash course in 2020 while in esthetician school. I cannot even recommend her class enough, they truly only teach you the basics in esthetician school while Crystal taught me skill, structure, building clientele, and marketing. I have a full clientele and complimented often about my lash work and it's all due to Crystal's course. She was so attentive and supported me the whole way and continued to keep in touch and supported me even after I had taken her course. Before Crystal's  course I was using promades and lacked the confidence to make a beautiful lash set. I'm now able to make beautiful handmade fans and have the confidence to give clients the voluminous lashes they request. I owe my whole lashing career to Crystal!" 


Colorado Springs, Colorado

"I attended a MEGA Volume Course with Crystal in 2021. Crystal was very knowledgeable and a professional instructor. She not only taught me the pinching method, but also helped me to perfect my fans with the smaller lengths which I struggled with before. I now only pinch to fan and wish that have taken her course sooner. I also learned styling and the best isolating technique with her Gel Silicone Tape. This technique alone has made lashing MEGA Volume so much easier and faster. It's as they say, "why work harder, when you can work smarter?"

Colorado Springs, Colorado


"MEGA Volume course was amazing! Crystal definitely taught me some amazing taping techniques, tips on ways to isolate and also taught me a great way of doing MEGA Volumes. Her products are so bomb. Definitely recommend this training for any ladies wanting to provide MEGA Volume services."

Colorado Springs, Colorado


"I am so blessed to have taken a class under Crystal's wisdom and leadership. She believed in me when LITERALLY no one else did. I was struggling with fans, marketing, pictures, products and in turn struggling to pay my bills. She made me feel comfortable, and went above and beyond to help me understand new things that forever changed my lash career. She is always available when I need product. Her education and attention to detail are out of this world. She is genuine and uplifts women in our lash community. Thank you so much!"

Colorado Springs, Colorado


"Before I took this class I kinda had an idea on what lashing would be like but I had no idea what doors it would open for me as far as my knowledge goes for the lash world. Crystal was so great and had a lot of faith in me and my technique before I even knew I would be good enough to lash! I'm thankful I got to take this class and up my game in the lashing world. I'm excited to be set for when I graduate."

Colorado Springs, Colorado

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