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Volume - Business Course

Itinerary and Kit

The Secret Lash Society Volume - Business Course is designed for starting lash artists seeking to learn new fundamentals in the lash industry.

Legalities and Insurance
Starting a Lash Business - Basic start up - Needs vs. Wants
Handmade "Perfect Pinch" Volume Technique
Lash Diversity (Diameters, Curls, and Lengths)
Fan Application - Placement and Direction
Advanced Mapping and Design
The Art of Layering
Whispy vs. Striplash
Understanding Adhesive and Retention
"Isolation is Key"
In-fills and Aftercare
Clientele Management - Recurring and Pre-Booking
Safe Lash Extension Removal
Social Media - Understanding Instagram
Photo Editing and Applications
Hands on Training

Volume Lash Kit
Digital Volume Manual
Pen and Bottle of Sanitizer
3 Lash Trays
2 Tweezers
1 Adhesive 5ml
Environmental controlled container
Adhesive Wipes
Vintage Scissors
2 Types of Tapes
Microfiber Swabs
The Secret Lash Society Swag

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