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MEGA Volume Course

Itinerary and Kit

The Secret Lash Society MEGA Volume Course is designed for experienced lash artists seeking to learn new techniques and fundamentals in the lash industry.


Handmade "Perfect Pinch" MEGA Volume Technique
Understanding and creating a healthy "Illusion"
Fan Application - Wrapping, Placement, and Direction
Advanced Mapping and Design (The Art of Layering)
"Isolation is Key" 
Hands on Training

MEGA Volume Lash Kit
MEGA Volume Manual, Journal, Pen and Bottle of Sanitizer
3 Lash Trays
1 Tweezers 
1 Adhesive 5ml  
1 Silicone Gel Tape
Spoolies & Microfiber Swabs
1 Super Bonder
The Secret Lash Society Swag

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